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Story 12: Brotherly Bickering! Part Two
Are you saying you're better than me?" Ritsu asked.
"I'm saying I'm better off without you." With that, Ryu stormed out of the room, leaving his brother in shock.
"Oh, Konoha-chan!" Kirei smiled warmly.
"Yukino-san, do you mind if I come in and stay a while?" Kiseki asked politely, although it was evident in her voice that she was exhausted.
"Mm... It seems the two could use some time apart," Kirei concluded.
"Agreed," the twins said in unison.
"Jun, the Falling Moon is approaching," the Empress warned. "I would advise that you don't return until the month's end."
"My Empress, may I ask why you have such an interest in that child?"
Tsuki and Ritsu had gone to the park together, taking a stroll along the trail that winded through the field. The brilliant displays of lights above ensured their path would not go dark, dancing in intricate patterns across the night sky.
"The wind's really picked up," Tsuki noted, pushing her hair out of her face.
"I know," Ritsu ag
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Story 11: Brotherly Bickering! Part One
Shimmering silver moonlight broke through the window and danced along the blue-grey sheets, two heads of messy red hair poking out from underneath. Their hands were intertwined between the pillows, the owners breathing in a matched, steady rhythm.
This tranquility would come to an end, however, as a loud and sudden ringing broke the quiet in the room. Ryu sat up, rubbing his eyes with a yawn as he reached over to turn the alarm off. He turned to his twin brother, Ritsu, shaking the boy until he woke. "Come on, we've gotta get ready for school."
Ritsu groaned as he sat up, his eyes still closed. "Do we have to?"
"You ask this same question every night, brother," Ryu said as he got out of bed, covered only by his boxers. "The answer's still the same." He grabbed a comb from the bedside table and left the room, going to the bathroom just down the hall.
Ritsu glared at the clock, cursing under his breath.
"Hey, brother?" Ritsu held up a tube. "I think the toothpast
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Story 10: Return of Future Star!
"Hey, you see that purple-haired girl in the blue uniform?"
"You mean the one with the pink collar?"
"Yeah! Wasn't she here just this winter?"
"It looks like it."
The girl in question looked over slightly at the group of students talking about her, being sure not to let them know she was listening.
"She's so cute, though!"
"Right? She kinda looks like Future Star."
The girl smiled and went back to what she was doing.
"Kiseki-chan, hold me," Tsuki yawned as she began to lean onto the girl walking beside her.
"No way, Tsuki-chi," Kiseki said sternly as she pushed her back upright.
"But I'm so tired," Tsuki whined as they arrived at 1-4.
"Not my problem!" Kiseki stated, turning to her friend. "Well, I'll see you after class."
"See you." Tsuki watched as Kiseki continued to 1-10, leaning by the door. She rubbed her eyes, but that didn't do much to wake her up. "It doesn't help that I have a test tonight," she lamented to herself. "I didn't even study. Why did I sta
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Story 09: The Armoured Man
"And so, as we've learned in last week's lesson, the Matriarchies of Shimo's first generations..." Tsuki drowned out Jun's lecturing, opting to stare out the window, lost in thought. She wore the hairband he had gotten for her, but didn't seem as happy as she thought she would've been. She was grateful, sure, but it was what he said when he'd given it to her that lingered in her head.
Tsuki snapped out of her trance at the sound of Jun's voice... did he just call her by her first name? She looked to the front of the classroom, where the teacher held in one hand a textbook and in the other a stick of chalk. The handwriting on the chalkboard was scratchy, as if he'd broken his good hand and was forced to write with his bad one.
Jun cleared his throat, turning to the student. "Since you seem to think you're above paying attention in my class, who were some of the highest-ranking Matriarchs of the Awakening?"
"Umm..." Tsuki dug through her notes, only to find nonsensical scribbles
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Story 08: A Girl's Night Out!
"Well, that concludes Gardening Club," the club's president announced. "A reminder to all that next week we'll be donating flowers to the local nursing home. I'll be out-of-town this weekend for a family reunion, so I'll need one of you to handle the shopping in my absence. Any volunteers?"
Chatter filled the gardens as student turned to student to decide who would be up for the task. Suddenly, Kiseki raised her hand and spoke up. "I'll do it, Tanaka-senpai!"
"Thank you, Konoha-chan," Tanaka smiled. "I appreciate the help." She beckoned Kiseki to her and handed her a pouch full of coins. "I can trust you to use our funds wisely, right?"
"You can count on me!" Kiseki smiled honestly.
"Great! Well, I'll see you next week!"
The Gardening Club filed out of their designated area, leaving Kiseki behind.
"Eh? A shopping trip?!" Tsuki's eyes lit up as she said those words.
"It's for a club assignment," Kiseki explained. "We're supposed to--"
"Count me in!" Tsuki interr
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Story 07: A Sleepover at Kiseki's!
The last bells of the night chimed and the students began to file out of the classrooms. As Kiseki packed her things, she looked up at the chalkboard to find her name under "Clean-Up."
"Good luck, Kiseki!" one of her classmates waved before closing the door behind her, leaving her by herself. Kiseki stared down at the envelope sitting on her desk, smiling.
Tsuki walked up the hall to 1-10, wondering why her friend hadn't shown up to walk home with her. She slid the door open and found her shelving some books while standing tiptoed to reach. She let out a small chuckle and set her bag by the door. "Need some help?"
"Tsuki-chi! Whoa!" Kiseki lost her balance and fell onto the wooden floor beneath her, dropping the books she was holding. Tsuki hurried over to help her up. "Are you okay?"
"I'm fine!" Kiseki said happily. Tsuki's ears perked up at the tone of her voice.
"You're awfully perky tonight. What gives?"
Kiseki went over to her desk and grabbed the envelope from it, showing it to T
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Story 06: Boys vs. Girls! A Butler Battle Royale!
Tsuki trudged down the hallway, carrying a bucket of paint in each hand. It was the end of the schoolnight, and most students were either going home or to their clubs. As she made her way through the crowds of students, she passed by 1-10, Kiseki's classroom, with the redhead waiting right outside the door. "Hey, Tsuki-chi! Let's walk home together!"
"Can't..." Tsuki groaned, struggling to hold up the paint buckets. "I volunteered to help the theatre club tonight. Maybe tomorrow?" She continued to drag the buckets to the audiotorium.
Tsuki waited outside her classroom the next night for Kiseki, who was headed her way. "Kiseki-chan!" she called to her. "Shall we go?"
"Sorry, Tsuki-chi," Kiseki said. "I have gardening club."
"Oh." Tsuki watched as Kiseki continued on without her.
As the students were leaving the night after, Tsuki stayed behind to clean up. She was putting some books away when she heard the door open, seeing Kiseki standi
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Story 05: Big Sister, You're in Judo?!
"Kiseki-chan!" Tsuki greeted as Kiseki walked by her at her classroom door. Tsuki followed. "Want to walk home together?"
"You'll have to walk home without me, Tsuki-chi," Kiseki told her. "Gardening club starts tonight. I can't miss it."
"Tomorrow, then?"
"Sure," Kiseki nodded. She continued to her destination, leaving a dejected Tsuki behind.
Tsuki sighed and went out the front door of the school building, rather than the south side she usually left from. "Maybe I can meet Kamen outside her school building," she guessed. "It's not very far from here." She headed north to the middle school, where many of its students were departing. A girl came down the steps, glancing down at Tsuki. "You're Utanari's little sis, right?" she asked.
"Yeah," Tsuki nodded. "Do you know where she is?"
"I think she's in the dojo down at the Park. Maybe you can meet her before club's over." She chuckled at that notion. "If you can catch up to her, that is."
"Thanks!" Tsuki nodded, taking off to where that s
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Story 04: The Shogi Club!
Jun sat at a table in the Teacher's Lounge, deciding which tile to move. A student sat across from him, tall for her age and having skin like a sunset, blue eyes like the sea and auburn hair tied into sheep horns. She watched Jun attentively as he contemplated on his next move before reaching for a bishop. "With this move, I promote you to horse." He turned the piece over to reveal the promoted character.
"That's fine and good and all," the student smiled," but you surrendering that square gives my silver a chance to flank you and puts me one move closer to your King." She took over said square without hesitation, grinning smugly. "Give up yet?"
"Not if I move my King," Jun negotiated. His opponent folded her arms. "And where are you going to move him to? You only have one space. You're primed for capture."
"But perhaps I can give him an escape route," he figured, moving a rook out of the way.
"What, taking him back to your side of the board?"
"If it keeps me out of a check, then yes.
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Story 03: There's More of Them?
Tsuki and Kiseki sat in a soft patch of grass, skipping stones into the shallow sea below. The weekend had come, freeing them from the confines of the classroom, if only for a few short nights. School wasn't as exciting as Tsuki had expected. It was just sitting at a desk for hours while a man gave lectures about things that didn't make a whole lot of sense.
"So, what club did you join?" Tsuki asked, flipping a stone in her hand before casting it into the water. Kiseki picked up a stone behind her and answered, "Gardening Club. You?"
"I... haven't decided on a club yet," Tsuki confessed, rubbing the back of her head. She lowered her arm and stared out into the ocean as it reflected the pretty colours of the lights above. One could tell by the auroras or the treeless expanse that went for miles that this was the Far North, home to many tight-knit communities and only a few major cities. Hokkai-shi was one of those cities, and one of the only two on the peninsula. The other was its neigh
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Story 02: The Konoha Siblings!
"Kiseki-chan! Good evening!" Tsuki greeted her new friend as they met at the intersection. Kiseki turned and smiled shyly. "Good evening, Tsuki-chi..."
"Tsuki-chi?" Tsuki tilted her head curiously.
"Ah, I'm so sorry!" Kiseki apologized, flusteredly. Tsuki giggled at her reaction before waving it off. "It's fine, it's fine! So, shall we go?"
"Yeah." Kiseki turned and led Tsuki down the path, on their way to school.
"Alright, class, quiet down!" Jun pleaded to his noisy students. Tsuki rapped her fingers against the desk, resting her head in her hand waiting for the lesson to begin. Jun sighed, melting into the podium at the front of the room. "It's hopeless..." he murmured to himself. "Why did I have to get stuck in this mess of a class?"
Just then a crumpled piece of paper hit his head, bringing his attention to the object. He reached down and picked it up, opening it to find a... less-than-pleasant image scribbled onto the note... Dropping the sheet into the b
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Story 01: A Brand-New Story!
Birdsong rang through the air as Tsuki stood out in the field of white roses, holding closely her music box, given to her as a Midwinter gift. The warm breeze tugged at her skirt as if wanting her to follow, carrying soft white petals on its journey north. A ringing carried through the field, like the sound of an alarm going off.
Tsuki fell facefirst out of bed, her ankle twitching as if unaffected by the contortionist act being put on by her limbs." She quickly righted herself and, ignoring the throbbing pain in her nose, checked the time on her clock. 8:15 P.M..
"Ah, I'm late! I'm late!" Tsuki exclaimed, rushing to fix her bedhead and get ready for school. She passed by the mirror in her room and realized she was still in jinbei. "Shoot!" Looking over to her closet, she saw her uniform hanging neatly from the door and hurriedly put it on. A knee-length dress, white on the top half and blue on the bottom half, with blue sleeves and a blue collar with a red ribbon tied to it-- this sai
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ID (Brand-spankin-new!) :iconofficialbyraine:OfficialByraine 1 0 MMD GLaDOS DL :iconofficialbyraine:OfficialByraine 9 3
Snow halation Translyrics
What a strange feeling, my chest becoming tight
And it feels like my heart's fluttering in the sky
This season's colours of snow and joy and bright lights
Fills me to the brim with happy times
From the moment the two of us had crossed paths
I had a premonition, heart singing a melody
And it just won't stop, and it won't stop... Why's that?
The tolling bells ring out into the night
What shall I call this heart-rending pain? "Snow halation"
My feelings resonate in their own plight
It cannot wait, this frustrating pure devotion called love
A small fever breaks out, I can hesitate no longer
I'll accept the courage and dive in, it's about to start!
It comes without a sound, bringing zero signs
Ever so quietly, our fate is looking bright
Thinking of the future and the things it may hide
My heartbeat goes faster every time...
Whenever you have doubts or need some advice
I'll come running right away, wanting to hold you again
Where ever you are, no matter where, Fly high!
Now hurry up, it's ha
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How Do You Sleep? Translyrics (JDONTE COMMISSION)
(Hey, Hey, Hey)
Are you not sleeping at night?
Are your wounds deeper tonight?
Even though you're lonely tonight, you shouldn't push yourself on anybody
And your dreams always seem to evade
Caught in a cycle, never ending
Unfeeling, you cannot cry, unknowing that the tears are choking
You're waiting for tomorrow, right?
You're not breathing anymore, right?
Even if you feel under pressure, you shouldn't force yourself to change
You could beat anyone savagely
You could be any lost little sheep
But what is life without a detour, anyway?!
(Yeah, yeah)
Attention, though unwanting (Yeah, yeah)
Bear it continually (Yeah, Yeah)
So let me think and don't disturb me, train of thought unstopping!
Tonight, I'll run away, run away- Everything's false!
Anyone, let's go and be gone tomorrow!
I don't care anymore if that time comes for me-
All I want now is to sleep tonight!
Can you hear my voice at all tonight?
Can you start walking tonight?
Though your heart may seem to be broken, can you stay
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Hey guys, so bad news. Earlier this month I lost my headset so I am without a mic, and with summer fast approaching I will have no way to patch AIKO for her ACT1 release so unfortunately I must retire her. I will still have her covers on my YouTube and SoundCloud but her voicebank DL and model DL will be going down.

Sorry for the inconvenience...
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